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Steven Seagal’s Epic Birthday | Intermediate | Words of the week #017




It was a Saturday. Steven Seagal was sitting outside his seaside mansion and admiring the sunset, thinking back on the epic birthday he’d just had.

It started out simple, just like any other day. Steven put on his favorite movie: Under Siege,
starring Steven Seagal. He didn’t manage to get very far into it, though, as his phone soon rang. It was his friend – Hollywood director Jonathan Lastname.

“Happy birthday, Steven! I’ve got a great gift for you,” Jon said. “I’m gonna make you a
“A documentary about Steven Seagal, starring Steven Seagal?” Asked Steven excitedly.

“Of course! Who else would it be? I need your help, though. I want you to compose the
soundtrack for the movie.”

Steven agreed, under one condition.

“Blues music only,” he said. “I don’t play any other genre of music.”

Jon said it was okay, and Steven hopped on his motorbike to go to the studio right away and record the soundtrack. He stopped at a red light, when suddenly the entire cast of the movie Machete, starring Steven Seagal, jumped out from behind a building.

“Happy birthday, Steven!” they shouted.

“It’s a
plot twist, Steven,” said Hollywood actor Danny Trejo, who played the main character in the movie Machete, starring Steven Seagal. “We are throwing you a surprise birthday party!”

So Steven went to the party, where he and the cast of the movie had fun by performing dangerous stunts, like karate fights and bike tricks. They also watched movies from Steven’s favorite genre: action movies, starring Steven Seagal.

It was only when Steven saw the credits for the movie they were watching that he remembered about the soundtrack he promised to record for Jon’s documentary. He jumped back on his bike, performed one last stunt and drove to the studio.

When he entered, he was greeted by balloons and confetti.

“Happy birthday again, Steven!” Jon shouted. It was another surprise birthday party.

plot twist? You really are a great director, Jon!” Steven said.

They had another great party, and Steven called the cast of the movie Machete to come over and join them. Now, Steven was sitting by the beach outside of his Hollywood mansion, looking over at the sky as the credits rolled.

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