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Crazy April Weather in the Tornado Season with Stormachaser Hank | Intermediate | Words of the week #018




It was April, which meant that the tornado season in the United States was just around the corner. Famous storm chaser Hank was extremely excited.

Looking out of his car window, he could see the typical telltale signs that a big and powerful storm was coming his way: the sunny blue sky suddenly turned dark and overcast with heavy grey clouds. There was the telltale green tint to them. They looked like something out of a horror movie.

He knew that soon, the light, gentle breeze would turn into a strong wind. When he stuck his hand out the window, Hank could feel the light drizzle in the air – small droplets of water on his skin. He knew that this drizzle would soon become a true downpour, as the wave of heavy rain passed through the area. It could even cause a flood, which would put the many fields around here under water.

Hank loved to chase storms. His favorite ones produced tornadoes, but he found all of them very beautiful and took photos of all weather events. It was hard to do that in the middle of a downpour, however, and tornadoes would often be surrounded by rain.

Now, Hank was driving on a small country road. Small puddles had already formed and his car would make a big splash when he drove through them. He got out of his car to take pictures of the overcast sky – the huge clouds looked very impressive.

“It’ll soon be raining cats and dogs out here,” he said to himself, as he was taking a few pictures. He was so focused on that, that he stepped into a puddle by mistake. “Shoot!” He exclaimed. He went back to his car to take off his wet socks.

When Hank was busy with that, he couldn’t notice that instead of the rain he was expecting, another weather event took place: hail. Huge hailstones fell out of the sky and onto the roof of Hank’s car, making loud and heavy sounds. And when he looked up, he saw that a big, angry tornado was coming right in his direction!

Hank jumped and nearly hit his head on the roof of his car. He quickly picked up the camera and turned the car around, stepping on the gas. He drove through the rain and hail as fast as he could to get away and only when he was safe in sunny weather again, he could look at what turned out to be the best photo of his life.

* Stormachaser Hank is a real person and a genuine cowboy. On his YouTube Channel you’ll find the most beautiful collection of storm footage.