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Law and Order: Florida Man Unit | Words of the week #022




Hello and welcome to SkyBlue News. This morning the trial of the Florida man who threw an alligator into a drive-thru window is coming to a close.

The jury came back with a guilty verdict for the defendant, a 30 year old man from Jacksonville, who was accused by the plaintiff, the fast-food restaurant, of assault with a deadly weapon. Let us remind you that in the beginning of this trial, the defense attorney announced that the defendant will not agree to the plea bargain proposed by the prosecutor.

This caused shock and surprise in the courtroom, leading the judge to question if the defendant is prepared to stand trial at all, as there was video evidence of the incident clearly showing the defendant throwing the alligator into the window of the plaintiff’s drive-thru restaurant. The judge was prepared to rule that the man is legally insane, however the prosecutor insisted that the trial should continue.

In record speed, the trial took only thirty minutes, during which the video of the alligator-throwing was shown. The defense didn’t make any argument against it and the prosecution didn’t present any other evidence.

The jury came back with the guilty verdict after only five minutes. Reports say there wasn’t any deliberation. The judge then ruled the Florida man will spend a year in jail and has to pay $5,000 to the plaintiff.

The alligator involved did not agree to give a comment.

Next up: Florida man arrested for breaking into jail to spend time with his friends.

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