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Bill the cunning comedian | Words of the week #023




Bill the cunning comedian decided to pull a prank on his gullible friend, James. James was used to Bill’s antics and he should know better by know, but he still fell for the comedian’s pranks and elaborate hoaxes every time.

Bill had always loved pranks and this was the reason he chose to entertain people as a career. His mom would always tell him that the joke isn’t funny if you’re laughing at someone. Instead, if he wanted to be a good comedian, he should make people laugh with him, she said. Bill didn’t listen, though. He preferred it when people laughed with him at someone else.

His friend James was the perfect target of his jokes, because he was so gullible. He could never tell when Bill was bluffing or making things up. Bill was sure that this time would be no different. He thought about last time, when he convinced James that the moon was made of cheese and he called NASA to ask if he could still be an astronaut if he was lactose intolerant.

Bill was still planning his newest prank when he got a call from his mom. She asked him to come over quickly — the toilet was broken and was leaking water all over the place. Bill sighed and went over to the house. When he opened the door, a bucket of water fell down on his head — a classic prank.

Soaking wet, he heard laughter and people applauding, and when he lifted the bucket off his head, he saw a crowd of people standing in his mom’s living room. All the victims of his antics were here, laughing at him, including his mom and James.

“We finally got you back!” James said.

Bill had no choice but to laugh with them, this time at himself.

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