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The vegetarian wolf | Words of the week #025




Skye the wolf was not like other wolves.

His natural habitat was rigidly divided into carnivores and herbivores. He was supposed to be a fierce predator, chasing his prey through his home forest. He had the claws and the fangs of a powerful killing machine. All the elements were there, but he just couldn’t fit into the role.

All the other wolves made fun of him when he said that meat gave him indigestion. He hung out with other, smaller animals, instead, who didn’t make him feel so inadequate. His best friend was a deer, while his family ostracized him for not following the rules of the food chain.

One day, he had had enough. He packed up his suitcase and left for New York City. It was not the habitat he was naturally intended to live in, but he thought he could make it. He rented a studio apartment above a vegan cafe and he switched from being a carnivore to a herbivore fully.

Living in the city, he didn’t have to regard anyone as prey anymore; he got a stable job teaching English and learned how to bake vegan brownies.

But then one day, when Skye went to his doctor for a checkup, he commented that Skye’s diet was inadequate and was negatively affecting his health. Skye said he didn’t like meat, so the doctor referred him to a psychiatrist. After a few sessions, the wolf got over his feeling of being inadequate and went back to the forest to reunite with his friends and family and began eating meat again, which ended his friendship with his best friend the deer.

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