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The Perfect Interview | Words of the week #026




Dave the lazy musician had a job interview today. He really needed this new office job, because he got fired from his band for sleeping during a concert. He almost didn’t get up in time for the job interview, and he was falling asleep now in the waiting room.

After the previous interviewee left, visibly excited, Dave entered the conference room and shook hands with the interviewer. His dad would always tell him that a firm handshake is necessary for a good first impression. The interviewer hissed with pain, but smiled politely.

The questions were very typical in the beginning. The interviewer asked about Dave’s greatest strengths and weaknesses and things like that. Dave, of course, mentioned his hard working nature and punctuality. But then the questions got a little harder.

‘What would you say is your greatest professional accomplishment?’ the interviewer asked.
‘Getting hired,’ Dave said, without hesitation. The interviewer frowned but moved on quickly.
‘And tell me about your last job, what happened? Why did you quit?’
‘I didn’t. I was fired.’
‘Oh’ the interviewer said. ‘Right, so, tell me about your favorite pastime.’

Dave shrugged.

‘Okay. Last question and I’ll let you off,’ the interviewer said with a forced smile. ‘What are your salary expectations?’
‘As much as possible,’ Dave grinned.The interviewer sighed. ‘Right. That will be all. We’ll keep in touch’

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