Words of the week

Vacation Island | Words of the week #028




Tom and Sam were on an island again.

This time, it wasn’t deserted and they weren’t lost. Sam was on paid leave for a week and Tom got another priest to cover for him, so they decided to go on yet another cruise ship. This time they avoided the casino.

The ship made a short stop on an island. This was a great opportunity for the guests of the cruise to play some beach ball or get a nice tan. Tom and Sam spent some time building sandcastles and decorating them with seashells and other things that had washed ashore.

It was the middle of a heatwave, so the guys got into a heated argument about whether it was better to use sunscreen or to stay out of the sun altogether. After they eventually agreed to disagree, Sam thought of the barbecue that was supposed to happen later that evening aboard the ship and looked at his watch to see how much time they had left.

He almost jumped out of his flip flops when he saw how late it was — much past the time the ship was supposed to depart.

Tom and Sam ran to the shore, but by that time all they could see of their ship was the white sail in the distance. They looked at each other and sighed.

“Not again!”

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