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Don Alonso’s Great Adventure | Words of the week #024




Brave knight Don Alonso was on his way. He was riding his loyal horse through the plains to get to a monastery that was under siege. His squire, a peasant boy by the name of Sancho, was following close behind.

The monks had sent a secret message to the king’s court, informing him of the situation. Evil pagans attacked the monastery, which was a sacred place and the site of pilgrimage. The monks barricaded themselves inside and were trying to wait it out by playing card games, but things were not looking good for them.

The king was angry when he heard the news. He wanted to send an entire crusade against the attackers to destroy them, but it just so happened that most of his nobility was away — they were partying in France. All he had left was the brave knight Don Alonso, who, as a strong believer in chivalry and honor, didn’t go with the rest of the nobility to the big party in Lyon. He and his loyal squire were the only ones who could save the trapped clergy. The king promised them a generous reward for their bravery and chivalry.

And Sancho was sure that the king would keep his promise, but the problem was, he was pretty sure they had been going in the wrong direction for days, and the rest of the noblemen were definitely back by now and had taken care of the problem themselves.

He was proven right when he and Don Alonso arrived back at the court after making a big circle around the country and ending up back where they started. All the nobility was already back and celebrating their victory over the pagans back at the monastery.

He sighed and looked at his friend sadly. “You’ll get it next time, chief”.

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